About FPI

Foothills Paranormal Investigations was formed from a small group of caring and dedicated paranormal researchers. Although a relatively newcomer group to the vast array of paranormal investigators across America, we are the first here in the Foothills of Western North Carolina. Many of our members have been dedicated to research and investigations of the unknown and the paranormal since 1986.

We provide general information on some subjects but go into a more in depth study of the paranormal aspects.We come from all walks of life and religious beliefs but we come together for our love of the unknown. Each member has at one time in his/her life had some kind of paranormal experience that was so life changing that their pathway led them to help create this group.

We as a group meet at Caffiend Underground here in Marion, NC. .We do NOT charge for investigations, although we do accept donations for research,gas,equipment, etc. We love this field and have a desire to help those who need answers.  We hope that this group will grow by leaps and bounds. If you wish to learn more about us or wish to join our group you may contact us at fthillsparanormalinvestigations@yahoo.com

Our goal is to become the truest part of the spiritual world and help those we come in contact with to connect and believe.We will strive to keep abreast of the latest scientific theories and techniques as well as continue to explore and expand our members gifts and talents in the psychic arena.And above all else we will  have fun.

 So please feel free to roam around our site and enjoy! We look forward to hearing from you!



Our website is undergoing some renovation! Have good stories or pictures you would like to see up here ? Send them in! Lots of exciting things to come!!!